U13 GG Day 5 Far West Regionals

We woke up at 7:00 and got dressed in our uniforms before breakfast. We had eggs, bacon, bagels, and fruit for the pre-game meal. Soon after breakfast we all gathered in the living room with our bags packed and sunscreen on. We jammed out to music so we would be fired up and ready for the game. When we got to the fields we put our gear on and played ping (monkey in the middle) for 30 minutes before we started our warm up. Our warm up consisted of dynamic and static stretching, passing, possession, and crossing and finishing. Then it was game time. We were a little intimidated by the So Cal Blues because they were ranked first in the nation. When the ref blew the whistle our nerves died down and we started to relax and play our game. They got an early goal but that just motivated us more. We came out stronger and with more intensity which won us a goal scored by Madison Williams off of her hard work to tie the game. When we came out in the second half we had more energy and intensity then before but we were unable to finish opportunities. The regulation ended in a tie so we had to go into a 20 minute (10 minute halves) overtime. We came out hard but both were really tired making it harder for anyone to score. It remained tied throughout overtime, putting each team into a penalty shootout. In between overtime and the penalty shootout the nerves were racing in each player. Luis made a list of the player who would be taking the penalty kick. The list consisted of Kenady Adams, Sophie Smith, Riley Dietrich, Jaelin Howell, and Madison Williams. So Cal Blues was up first. There was nothing Monique Roche could do to stop the penalty kick as it went in. Kenady was up first for our team. Like the other girl for So Cal Blues it was unstoppable. The next player on the Blues sailed it to the right of the goal putting us in the lead. Next Sophie made her PK keeping our lead. The next girl for the other team shot her PK and made it. Then Riley was up. She shot her PK with confidence causing her to make it. Once again keeping our lead. Another one of their players made her PK. Jaelin was up to take her PK. Once again she shot an unstoppable ball into the back of the net. Everyone knew that if Monique saved the next shot we would win. All the pressure was on Monique. The So Cal Blue player shot a hard driven ball to the corner causing Monique to make an amazing diving save, winning us the game! As soon as she got up everyone including the U18 girls team started screaming and ran to Monique happily. Everyone was hugging each other and crying tears of joy. After we finished celebrating we took a group picture in celebration of the two great wins and the two Arsenal Colorado finalists. When we made it back to the house we each took ice baths to prepare for the championship game. After ice baths we all relaxed and some even took short naps. The people that were awake watched 20 minutes of Safe Haven. When people woke up from their naps we all went to the Dad’s house for dinner with the U18 team. At the Dad’s we ate pasta, salad, chicken, and gatorade. We all talked with Jamie, Luis, Dave, and Luis. Some girls even got pushed into the pool. After everyone was ready to leave we came back to the house. At the house we got our scouting report from Jamie and Kris. After the report we all went upstairs to finish watching Safe Haven. Then we went to bed.

Haley Rockwell, Riley Dietrich, Esther Mahler U13 GG

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U13 GG Day 4 Far West Regionals

We woke up to an early morning at 5:15. We got ready quickly to eat a scrumptious breakfast the chaperones prepared for us. We were passing out at the table because it was so early!!! Once we were ready and set, we drove off to the fields with the music pumping in the car. When we got out of the car, it was raining pretty hard. The fields were muddy and wet. During warm ups, we were really relaxed and that helped us. Then once the game started, we turned on the fury and got ferocious. We scored in the first 5 min. That goal brought our confidence up. We didn’t score another goal the whole half. But that didn’t stop us. The second half we came out even stronger. We scored 3 more goals in 15 min. The other team was now in a deep cravas and had to dig themselves out quickly.They sadly scored with a break away. That does not happen in our house. We strikes again and scored 1 more goal to end the game with a score of of 5-1 us. Later that day we had a delicious lunch right before we went snorkeling. Then on the drive to go snorkeling we partied in the back seat celebrating the victorious win.once we got there,  there was some crowd management problems. But we said “no,no,no girl. That won’t do honey buns.” Then we finally got our way and started to snorkel it up like pros. After 2 hours of seeing magnificent, fantastic, amazing,cool,colorful, dazzling fish and turtles, we left the crystal clear water and went to the dry hopeless land. And then we got in the car to go home for a scrumptious dinner of steak and noodles. Then Kris gave us a scouting with Jamie and Louis in the background giving us some sick tips. Once we were done, we headed off the bed saying “night, night!”;) and now wears here in our freezing room writing this blog. All in all it was a beaut. Thank you Denver and good night.

Jaelin Howell & Sydney Teslow

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U16 GG Day 4 Far West Regionals Honalulu Hawaii

Day 4, day before quarter finals:

Today was a day for downtime. We were woken up 15 minutes before we had to leave by our chaperones! We went to Pearl Harbor and it was a very good experience. Honestly though, I’m just ready to kick some butt tomorrow. Heads up Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks Elite… We’re coming for you.

Morgan Abbitt, U16 GG

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U16 GG Day 3 Far West Regionals Honalulu Hawaii

Today we played Alaska. We had our scouting report before it and it was a good indicator of the team. We also found out that a girl pn the Alaska team was ejected the first game of the tournament for punching an opposing player! But luckily that didn’t phase me. We still came out just as hard and ready to win and advance. First of all, our game started 20 minutes late because there was a hole in the ground! They finally fixed it and we started the game. At the very start of the game a penalty kick was called against our team. And they scored. It was heartbreaking, especially being on the bench. Because there is nothing you can do. But our team pulled together and scored two goals before the half. And 2-1 is the most dangerous lead you could have. And I scored the final goal! With 15 minutes left in the half. It guaranteed out win. But we still had to work for each other and play our hardest til the end. I’m so excited to play in the quarter finals on Friday!

U16 GG Morgan Abbitt

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U17 GG Day 3 Far West Regionals Honalulu Hawaii

Yesterday we had a game at 8:00 am against New Mexico Rush and tied 1-1. After, we went to the beach for a while and then we got ready for the Luau.  The U17 girls rode on a large luxury bus with custom music requests playing in the background. When we got to the Luau, the team made fresh flower leis and got tattoos. However, the best part was taking pictures with the cute island boys!  We also all danced the hula on stage: it was a blast! Today the plan is to go to a lagoon and go snorkeling, swimming and hang out with the team at the parents’ resort on the other side of the island!!

U17 GG Twins; Rachel & Sarah

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U17 GG Far West Regionals Honalulu Hawaii

Our exciting journey started with a not so exciting eight hour plane ride. When we got to the island is when it truly set in that we would be competing at regionals in Hawaii! The first few days the team spent acclimating to the island (and a little beach going helped us really get in the Hawaiian spirit). Our first game today was against Legends FC from southern California. It was a tough battle and we ended up losing 1-2. The team showed up to play and hopefully we can continue this mentality for the rest of the tournament.

Juliet Mullens and Izzy Anders U17 GG

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U16 GG Far West Regionals Day 2 Honalulu Hawaii

My name is Morgan Abbitt and I play for U16 Arsenal Gold. My team won state cup in the fall and I was voted MVP. We got the chance to go to Hawaii to play in Far West Regionals. This was our second game day here. We played Carlsbad South California. It was brutal. I started on the bench and went in with about 25 minutes left in the half, and two goals against us. The other team was so technical. We pushed through and worked super hard. But it didn’t pay off. We ended up losing 5-1. All I have to say is that I’m ready to come out tomorrow and win and advance to the quarter finals. And to all of the younger players out there, having the opportunity to play at a tournament like this is a huge honor. Don’t take anything for granted, always play your hardest, play for your team, and play for your club and your pride. We play Alaska tomorrow, wish us luck Colorado! This one is for you Arsenal.

Morgan Abbitt, U16 GG

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