Update from Nationals! – July 28

Hey Bloggers!

As you know we played our first game last night against the PDA Tsunami from New Jersey. Just to give you the setting it was 8:00pm, the sun had just lowered behind the mountains, the temperature was 102 degrees and the air was still. We began with an international start, which just means that both teams walk out together and line up to wave to their fans. There were four games all commencing at the same time so all of the players, coaches and fans in the complex turned toward a waving American flag for the national anthem! Hearing that powerful song and looking around at everyone, eyes locked on the flag, was really incredible!

Then we huddled together for a cheer and took the field. It was a long hard fought game from both teams but… WE WON!!! 🙂 WOOT WOOT! We defeated them 1-0. Our goal came with four minutes left in the game from our speedy outside midfielder Cassie (she is from the Real side of the team and is currently playing for Gonzaga!) She beat a player on the left sideline and then cracked a sick, left-footed shot to lead us to victory! 🙂 We left the fields and returned to our resort for some salad and chocolate milk, yummy! Then some girls did a relaxing cool down in the pool and others braved the dreaded ice bath! Now we repeat yesterday’s glorious routine! 🙂

 Until later, stay cool… And we’ll try to also!


At 9:50 on Thursday it is 93 degrees here!


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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3 Responses to Update from Nationals! – July 28

  1. Greg Owsley says:

    Congrats Jessie and team! PDA is no slouch, that’s a massive win.
    Go team aRsEnAL! (Being a 1/2 Arsenal, 1/2 Real family we love this combo).

    Greg Bink Zola Mesa

  2. Sheila Williams says:

    Great job girls!!! We are so proud of you. Fort Collins is behind you and wishing you success! Keep the updates coming.

  3. Ben says:

    Hey Jessie, great stuff on the blog and thank you for keeping us updated. Looks like you started the scoring off with a goal last night. Keep up the great work on the field and thank you for the blogs.

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