Update from Nationals! – July 29

Hello blog followers!

Last time we chatted we had begun another day of rest and relaxation. Yesterday we enjoyed way too much food, icy hot, Advil and television for anyone’s good! Once again we headed for the fields at 7pm and listened to our pump up jam on the way. As we pulled into the parking lot a neon screen read 96 degrees… Not too shabby for seven at night! 🙂 We unloaded the cars and booked it to the bathroom! (All that water comes back to bite ya sometimes!) Focused and determined we pulled up our socks, slipped in our shinguards and laced up our cleats. Game time.

The whistle blew and the battle began. Fighting hard until half-time we found ourselves with a nil-nil game against the Inferno from Minnesota. The game wore on and twenty five minutes into the second half Ali Stone, one of our solid center midfielders dropped a perfect ball just outside of the 18 yard box. My foot connected and the ball sailed. I looked up to see it slide off the goalies hand and shimmy down the back of the net! GOAL! Or in the words of the Mexican soccer channel GOOOOOAL! 🙂 We continued to hold our win and just a few minutes later Cassie, who scored in the first game, slotted the ball across the six and Lauren Coviello snuck the ball in near post! We finished the game with a 2-0 victory!

We made our way back home and enjoyed some late night snacks and ice baths! Another successful day and we are all wiped out.

Now it is Friday and we face our third opponent, the Texans, tonight. I’ll let you know results ASAP!

Until next time, stay cool… We’re trying!


 P.S. Shout out to Brittany Lott… She told me I was going to score before the game! 🙂


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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