Update from President’s Cup Nationals (Day 3)

Day 3 Blog 2

We began our warm up shaky due to one of the girls forgetting a cleat, the problem was later resolved. During the warm up the team got into game mode, we all focused and made sure our touches were down. We then took the field determined to leave it all out there. We began rough and it seemed that neither team was getting much work done. We connected a few good plays but it still hadn’t gotten us far. Finally after a great free kick by Jordan Paulsen, Alex Klema finished it off with a header goal. At half time our coaches let us in on what we needed to fix and we again took the field. After a hard fought half we finished the game with a 2-1 loss. After getting our lunch and regrouping we are now getting ready to pay a visit to the Jelly Belly factory. We are all in our cute matching purple shirts and excited to tour the factory.  Until tomorrow, so long.

Adria Davis

Day 3 Blog 1

The team woke up this morning and came down to the meeting room for breakfast. We had a box of a bagel, juice, fruit, yogurt and a granola bar. We were all ready as ever. We headed back to the rooms and suited up to play, then hopped in the car to go to the fields. Check back after the game for the update.

– Kat Bossenbroek


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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