Update from Presidents Cup Nationals (Day4)

Day 4 Blog 1

We woke up at 7:30 and went to get breakfast from the lobby then meeting in a room to talk about the day ahead of us and our breakdowns yesterday.  After eating together as a team, we went back to our rooms to prepare for the game. We knew that we had to come out ready to play hard because this was the game to get us to the championship. We went to the cars and headed to the fields to stretch well and warm up. Our warm-ups were focused and we were ready to play knowing how much tis game meant to us. The game started and you could tell from the whistle that we were on. Our passes were to feet, our movements were quick into space, and we were playing for each other.  After our outside mid, Kait Eden, scored from a through ball, our defensive mid, Kat Bossenbroek, went down with what we later found out to be a sprained ankle.  We still continued to play strong and at half, we talked about our strengths and the few things we needed to fix to seal the win.  We went into the second half just as strong as the first and we got a PK and Jordan Paulson finished it for a 2-0 lead. As the game continued, we didn’t let up and Kait Eden scored again from the top of the 18. We continued to hold them and the game ended in a 3-0 win against Libertyville Chicago, Illinois sending us to the Championship game tomorrow.  After the game, we went to the hotel as a team to eat lunch celebrating our win. We got ready quickly to go to a movie, Ice Age 4, where we relaxed and stayed out of the heat. We went back to our hotel and relaxed for a couple hours then headed to the chaperone’s hotel to eat tacos for dinner. After dinner, we split off with some girls going to the mall and some going back to the hotel to play games and relax. We are heading off to bed tonight realizing that we have a big game tomorrow and mentally preparing ourselves for the important battle tomorrow.

-Joanie Ellis and Kait Eden


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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