13GG Far West Regionals Honalulu Hawaii Day 1

First, we woke up at 8:00am. Then we fixed up our hair and washed our face before heading upstairs. When we got upstairs we got our delightful breakfast burritos and sat at the table with everyone else. During breakfast, Jaelin Howell had brought up a gecko that she had caught from outside. After breakfast we headed back to  our to assigned rooms and got on our game face and uniforms. We were told to put on all blue for the game against  LaRoca, Utah. After putting up our hair we headed back upstairs to fill our water bottles for the game. We made sure that they were full of ice for the hot and humid game coming up. After everyone was prepared to head to the fields we had a little competition on the ping pong table. Kris had come down about 10 minutes after we started to tell us to start heading out to our cars. The car ride was silent. Everyone thinking about the nerve racking game ahead of us. When we got to the fields it was hot. We all met up and got a spot in the shade and ate a banana. After 15 minutes we put on our gear and started warmups. The first whistle blew and we had the kickoff. The game was high pressured and tense until they scored their goal. The arsenal team knew we couldn’t give up and we had to step up our game. Half time came and we were down 1 to 0. As hot as we were, us and the coaches both knew that we had to improve our game if we wanted something more than a tie. We came out with more intensity than Utah in the second half. The goalie had been playing high up and all we had to do was take a high and hard shot. Jaelin dribbled up the middle and cut outside away from the defense. She took a hard shot right above the goalies reach and it went right in. We all screamed in joy and relief and boosted up our energy. The game went and we had chances back and forth but no results. Kenady Adams started with ball at about half line and dribbled with a breakaway all the way into the box. She took a power striking shot right over the goal keepers hands. We were up 2 to 1. The final whistle blew and we all celebrated in joy! After the game we had a talk and cool down before heading to our parents. After hugging out parents we went over to the tent and got our shirts and sweat shirts for the tournament. We all headed back to the beach house after that. When we arrived we had lunch. After lunch we took ice baths to prepare for the long week of games ahead. We all took showers and cleaned up. After meeting back in the family room we took a long walk on the beach. We took lots of pictures along the way. We came back inside and had a good filling dinner. We all met up in one room to have a talk about the component for the next day. Tomorrow we play Hawaii Rush. We talked about how to play defensively and offensively. After the talk we all headed back to our assigned rooms and got in bed. We laid in bed thinking about the game to come. Then it was lights out.

Kendall Furrow and Madison Williams of the U13 GG Arsenal Colorado Team;


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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