Update from President’s Cup Nationals Day 2

Day 2 Blog 2

After coming back and winning 4 to 2, the team was in very good spirits. We all received water bottles that had special gifts inside them from the other team. After taking off our soccer gear and going through our gifts, we all packed into the cars to go to lunch, which is kind of strange because we eat most of our meals at a hotel that is about a mile away from the hotel that all the teams, including us, are staying at. But I like it because it gets us away from all the chaos and distractions. Our lunch was sandwiches, chips, fruits, brownies and juice, which were all very yummy! One of the cars didn’t show up for like 45 minutes because they got lost which was hilarious because they did the same thing for dinner the day before. Finally everyone had eaten and we all went back to the hotel. We had about 4 hours of free time where some girls went to the pool, some went to the mall and some just slept! I love this team because you can truly be with anyone and trust them with your deepest darkest secrets and know that they will love you and support you no matter what. So after all of us chilled out, we went and had dinner and then got froyo for dessert, which we all stuffed ourselves to the brink! Today also happened to be one of the girl’s, Abby Zimmerman, birthday and so we celebrated that by surprising her with a giant cookie at the team meeting tonight!! So glad we have the opportunity to be here! Check back for more tomorrow! Night!

– Cassie Florentin

Day 2 Blog 1

This morning we got up for breakfast at the hotel with all the girls. After getting ready for the game we all loaded up in the cars then headed to the fields. We had a strong focused warm up and all the girls were very ready to get on the field for our first nationals game against Miami Lakes SC. We started off the game with a quick play that almost ended with Alex Klema scoring but after a few more minutes we started to play worse as nerves got to us, missing the possession our team is known for. We would have bursts of controlled play throughout the first half but mostly the opposing team was winning balls out of the air, physically stronger on every challenge and passing around us. We were down twice in the first half with them scoring first us second, by Alex Klema, and then them again. At half time the whole team was upset with the way we had started the game. Our coach, Adam Bauer, talked us through our nerves throughout half time, pointing out even though we are in another state we are still playing the same game and if we played how we could, we would blow this out of the water. Second half started off well. Alex Klema scored two minutes into the second half. Having our confidence back we started to play more possession. And Alex ended up scoring again… the last twenty minutes of the game was stressful because we knew the one goal lead could be taken away easily. With three minutes left in regulation Jordyn Seidel score our last goal calming the team. After the game was over we got lunch then headed back to the hotel to relax. Good start to the tournament and excited for our next game!

– Jordan Paulsen 


About FCSC / Arsenal Colorado

The Fort Collins Soccer Club strives to advance and foster the game of soccer among individuals of all ages by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, service, education and opportunity to the community through soccer.
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